RMHUC Officers, 2023-24

The Trustees are the statutory governing body of the Club.  They generally also serve on the Steering Committee, which includes other members who serve the Club on a sustained basis and manages the Club's day-to-day affairs. All positions are volunteer.


TRUSTEES: RMHUC Trustees 2022-2023

STEERING COMMITTEE: RMHUC Steering Committee 2022-2023

Charlotte Horton, AB '13

Co-President, Schools Committee Co-Chair,

Trustee (2022-2025)

Anna Jones, AB '79

Co-President, Trustee (2022-2025)

Past President (2005-09)




Fred Ris, AB '68

Membership coordinator, Webmaster, Steering Committee,

Past President (2011-13), Past Trustee (2006-2020)

Schools Committee Past Co-Chair, Past Treasurer 




Paul Chessin, AB '75, JD '79

Secretary, Steering Committee



William R. ("Bill") Horton, AB '77

Past President (2020-22),

Steering Committee, Trustee (2023-2026)




Chris Miller, AB '88

Marketing & Events Committee, Steering Committee

John Griffin, AB '91
Steering Committee, Trustee (2021-24)


Rick Walsh, AB '79    

Marketing & Events Committee

Steering Committee


Sunhee Juhon Hodges, AB '85

Schools Committee Co-Chair, Nominating Committee Chair,

Steering Committee, Trustee (2021-24)



Alicia Alvero Koski, AB '15, JD '20  

Steering Committee

Stacey Fiske, SB '13

Schools Committee Co-Chair, Treasurer, Steering Committee




Past Trustees and Officers


RMHUC Trustees 2021-2022

RMHUC Trustees 2022-2023


RMHUC Steering Committee and Trustees 2022-2023

RMHUC Steering Committee 2021-2022



Leah Porter, EdM '22   

Steering Committee