Greetings from the Club President

The RMHUC, established in 1886, seeks to engage and connect Harvard alumni in Colorado and Wyoming.  Through educational, social, and volunteer activities, we aim to create a community where personal connections, service contributions, and life-long learning come together to benefit our members and our society.


The RMHUC is going through some exciting changes and growth.  Our Steering Committee has been energized by many new and fresh faces.  We have hosted a variety of educational, recreational, and volunteer events, and we have several more upcoming events in the works.  We have hit the groove of the Harvard Alumni Association’s Global Night of Networking (GNN), a bi-annual event with networking gatherings held simultaneously across the globe.  Our most recent events in Denver and Colorado Springs were attended by nearly a hundred alumni from a wide variety of fields.  Don't miss the next GNN coming in January!  If you want to host a GNN in any other locations across Colorado or Wyoming, please let us know.


We aim to fulfill our mission by fostering social, intellectual, and professional connections that reflect our shared experiences and extend our perspectives.  Please join us in this adventure, and let us know if you have any ideas for events or outreach!  A full report on last year's events, activities, and action items is available here.


To Club members:  We hope this Web site will keep you informed about Club activities, help you to participate in mutually beneficial ways, and allow you to better communicate with us.  You can easily extend or renew your membership through our web site.


To Colorado and Wyoming Harvard alumni:  We invite you to join us!  It's easy to become a member.  Membership allows you access to members-only events and member-based pricing for various other events.


To all Harvard alumni:  The RMHUC participates in the Harvard Alumni Association's Global Pass program.  If you are a member of another Harvard Club, are going to be in Colorado, and would like to attend one of our events, please be sure to tell us your affiliation in order to obtain member rates.


To those with an interest in Harvard:  The Harvard Web site is your portal to all sorts of information about the University.


Charlotte Horton AB'13

President 2022-2024