Things to Think About if You're Thinking About Climbing Mount Harvard

If you are thinking about joining the August 19, 2019 hike, here is some information to help you ascertain whether you should consider going and to help prepare if you do.
Note that this is not an all-or-nothing event.  You need not aspire to reaching the summit to participate.  You can join the group before and/or after the hike, send them off from or meet them when they return to the trailhead, or hike the earlier, less strenuous parts of the trail.  If you go beyond the trailhead, you must register beforehand and complete the liability waiver.
That said, if your ambitions run towards a Mt. Harvard / Mt. Columbia traverse, this is beyond the scope of this hike.  In addition to being longer, it is a much more demanding route, and we are expecting that for many participants this will be their initial 14er.
Please review the following documents before signing up:

1. Thumbnail description of the hike  (Does this appeal to you as a potential hiker?  Supporter of hikers?)


2. Suggested physical training for hiking at elevation  (Do you want to do this sort of preparation for this hike?)


3. Suggestions for hiking at elevation  (Do you want to do this?  What equipment and supplies do you lack, and can you acquire them easily?)


4. Sketch map of the trail  (What do the geometry and ascent look like in map view?)


5. Trail profile  (What do the geometry and ascent look like in vertical section view?)


6. Possible places to stay at various price points and within easy drive of the trailhead  (Where shall I stay locally?  At least the night before (18 August), two days before if coming from below about 5000 feet elevation.  I also recommend a day after to recover and decompress before leaving.)


7. Liability waiver  (Signed version required of each hiking participant)


Note the discount for RMHUC members, one of the many benefits of RMHUC membership. If you're not a member, get your membership now! Prior to purchasing membership or tickets, please sign in to the  website with your HarvardKey credentials.  This applies whether or not you are in Colorado.  Signing in validates your Harvard affiliation.  We may cancel your registration if we cannot validate that you are an alum; please help us avoid that hassle!

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