Ascent of Mt. Harvard 2023

 Elevation 14, 421' - One of the Collegiate Peaks, Sawatch Range, Colorado

                                 Near Buena Vista, CO


The Class of 1978 (45th Reunion)


the Rocky Mountain Harvard University Club

are organizing two separate events for those interested in an ascent of Mt. Harvard in August 2023.

Click for:   Information Session May 18, 2023: Slides

Click for: Video of Information Session May 18, 2023


The Class of 1978 group plans to trek on August 19, 2023.

The RMHUC group plans to trek on August 20, 2023.

A full-day and strenuous trek (it is not a technical climb) to the summit of Mount Harvard from the North Cottonwood Creek Trailhead (approximately 14 miles round-trip, with 4,540 feet of vertical climb.)

We plan to be at the trailhead at 5:00am with the summit to be reached by about midday, with ample photo opportunities there and along the way.

Lodging at elevation a day or more before and after HIGHLY recommended, and to be arranged by each participant - though some possible options will be suggested.

For those interested, we will attempt to organize collective meals before and after the trek.

Intended Hiking Participants: Adults in very good physical condition (those under 16 after consultation and approval).

The number of participants will be limited.

Consider the training regimen for accomplishing this goal:  Training for a 14er

Others welcome to join without hiking.

Some Details:

Your first step will be to sign up for, and attend, an information session on Zoom on May 18, 2023 at 6:00pm MT.

If you could not attend this session, please review the Slides and Video of the presentation, found in the links above.

For your questions please contact:

Email Flip Koch '78 Class of 1978
Email Kathy Haney Duffy '78  Class of 1978
Email Charlotte Horton '13 RMHUC

Further Information on the Treks:

Link to Information for Class of 1978 group trekking on August 19, 2023:  Class of 1978

Link to Information for RMHUC group trekking on August 20, 2023:   RMHUC


Things to Think About if You're Thinking About Climbing Mount Harvard

Suggestions for Hiking at Elevation (2023 - Flip Koch)

Physical Conditioning to Prepare to Trek at Altitude

A Brief History of Mt. Harvard



Note: all hiking participants must sign a consent / liability waiver form, which will be provided.

Note: Because of the size of our group, the U. S. Forest Service requires that we close registrations on July 1, 2023.