Harvard Professor Bharat Anand - April 25, 2022  6:30pm MT

An online discussion on Technology and Education.


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Thank you to all who joined the meeting!  We enjoyed Prof. Anand's insights and his openess to questions from Alumni on the call.



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Harvard Professor Bharat Anand will present at a virtual event, sponsored by the Harvard Clubs of the Southwest Region (which includes the RMHUC.)
Bharat N. Anand is the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning at Harvard University, and

the Henry R. Byers Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

Professor Anand is an expert in digital strategy, media and entertainment strategy, corporate strategy, and organizational change. His work has examined competition in information goods markets, focusing on two central challenges that firms face in these markets: “getting noticed” amidst the increasing clutter of alternatives available to consumers, and “getting paid” for what they produce.

His recent book, The Content Trap: A Strategist’s Guide to Digital Change (Random House) examines digital transformation in content industries, with a view to distilling the learnings from a quarter century of change that might inform digital efforts elsewhere.

Professor Anand's papers have shed light on the roles of branding and advertising as vehicles of matching and information, on competition between cable news networks, and on strategies that firms employ to tackle the challenge of weak or insecure property rights. In prior work, he studied the financing of R&D, the structure of technology licensing contracts, and the industrial organization of financial intermediation markets. His papers have been published in several leading journals in economics, marketing, and strategy, and received various awards.


A recent Harvard Magazine article, that features Prof. Anand, includes this quote: 


'... brings a new dimension of active learning to what was a much more passive experience a decade ago. The result is the holy grail of online education—what the report calls “engagement at scale”: the promise of teaching vast student cohorts without sacrificing the elements of active, participatory learning.'


The Future of Teaching and Learning - Harvard Magazine


For additional background information, please see:


Harvard Vice Provost page: Bharat Anand

HBS Faculty Page: Bharat Anand


This invitation is intended for the alumni of the Harvard Alumni Association - Southwest Region Clubs:
- Rocky Mountain Harvard University Club
- Harvard Alumni Association of Utah
- Harvard Club of New Mexico
- Harvard Club of Phoenix
- Harvard Club of Nevada
- Harvard Club of Northern Nevada and the Sierras
- Harvard Club of Southern Arizona


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6:30PM - 7:30PM Mon 25 Apr 2022, Mountain timezone

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