RMveritasHUC President’s Report

Annual Meeting

Aug. 19, 2017



1. We would like to thank and recognize the following members of our leadership team from this past year:

Officers: President Christina Gomez, Secretary JK Costello, Treasurer Fred Ris

Steering Committee: Christina Gomez, Eric Eversley, Fred Ris, JK Costello, John Griffin, Lia Baggao, Paul Chessin, Steve Kregstein, Sunhee Hodges, Tracey Smith

New members of the Steering Committee: Christie DiNapoli, Megan Harney


2. Here is a brief highlight of our Club events in the past year, with recognition to the individuals who worked on organizing these events:


Global Networking Night/GNN:

o January: Denver Tech Center, about 100 attendees [JK Costello]

o June: Denver, about 80 attendees; Colorado Springs, 16 attendees [JK Costello]


Speaker events:

o Denver Botanic Gardens: presentation of new building project/tour of new garden; Oct. 10; in conjunction with the Graduate School of Design (GSD) alumni group [Alyson Mendenhall/Christina Gomez]

o Clyfford Still Museum: private tour by the artist’s nephew, Curt Fried; Dec. 17 [JK Costello]

o Jean Dubofsky: discussion of biography Appealing for Justice by author Susan Casey with Dubofsky and Casey; Mar. 6 [Christina Gomez/Paul Chessin]

o Denver Museum of Nature & Science: presentation and tour of paleontology lab; Aug. 15 [Christina Gomez]


Service events:

o Soup kitchen: Oct. 24, Nov. 14, Feb. 13, Apr. 17, May 29, July 17 = 6 times [JK Costello]

o There with Care: packed bags for families with sick children; simultaneous events in Denver and Boulder; May 6 [Sunhee Hodges]

o Denver city park project: refurbishing Highland Gateway Park; June 24 [Paul Chessin]


Early college awareness event:

o Challenge Foundation; presentation about college awareness: July 13 [Sunhee Hodges]


Athletic events:

o The Game: Harvard/Yale football watch party; Nov. 19 [Lia Baggao]

o Young alumni/newcomers Rockies game: with guest appearance by General Manager Jeff Bridich; Apr. 11 [JK Costello/Lia Baggao]


Other events:

o Annual meeting/BBQ [Christina Gomez/Steve Kregstein/John Griffin]

o Holiday party: Dec. 11 [Christina Gomez/Sunhee Hodges]

o Welcome to your City: young alumni & people new to area; Oct. 18 [JK Costello]

o Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs (HAE): speaker/networking events for the new Denver Chapter of HAE [Tim Keating]


3. We invite everyone to attend these various upcoming events and recognize the individuals who are working to plan the events:

HAE showcase: 3 Denver start-up founders; Sept. 14 [Tim Keating]

Soup kitchen: Sept. 18 & Oct. 9 [JK Costello]

City park project: Sat., Sept. 23, 10 am-1 pm [Paul Chessin]

Rockies game: Sept. 26 [JK Costello]

Welcome to your City: Oct. 17 [JK Costello]

Holiday party: Sun., Dec. 17, 4-6 pm; note the new date [Christina Gomez]

GNN: Tues., Jan. 9; location(s) TBD [JK Costello]


4. We would like to share this other Club news and updates from the past year:

Alumni survey: We have received great results and feedback from our recent alumni survey, and we plan to begin work toward implementing that feedback.


Newsletter: We recently mailed a paper newsletter to 600 current members, former members from the past few years, and others who have been recently involved in Club activities. If you did not receive a newsletter, please let us know and we would be happy to share or send one.


Articles and Bylaws: We have not updated these documents in a few decades, and they are out of date with our current practices. We have been working the last few

months on updates to both documents, and hope to finalize and adopt new versions of both documents in the next month or two. We give a special thanks to John Griffin

for his leadership on this project.


Insurance policies: In the past year, we obtained policies for general liability and directors & officers insurance. We give a special thanks to Eric Eversley for leading

this charge.


Web site updates: We have updated our website to include Steering Committee meeting minutes and other, more updated information. Please check it out.


Ways to get involved: We hope to do more work by committee, including possibly events, young alumni, and community service committees. If you are interested in

getting involved in the Club through these committees or in any other way, please let us know. Feel free to reach out to any member of our leadership team.


Any questions may be directed to president@rmhuc.org.