Harvard Glee Club performs in Steamboat Springs on Wednesday, March 16 - Housers required!

The Glee Club performs at the Strings Pavilion on March 16. Can you house one or two students on the 16th and 17th?

The Harvard Glee Club will be performing at the Strings Pavilion on Wednesday, March 16, in Steamboat Springs during their annual spring break tour. They will be staying in Steamboat Springs for 2 nights, and they will require housing the nights of the 16th and 17th.

The Harvard Glee Club is the oldest collegiate men’s chorus in America. Each year for spring break the group travels to a section of the United States.  The group for spring tour this year will be comprised of about 45 male college students. We hope that members of the Steamboat Springs music community as well as local Harvard alumni can host 1 or 2 students each.

Tickets for the performance are available at the Strings website and run $30 or $35 http://tickets.stringsmusicfestival.com/shows/harvard%20glee%20club/info

Glee Club members will need lodging for Wednesday and Thursday nights. Thursday is their non-travel day off for the tour. They can plan their own activities, and you are not expected to fill their day for them or necessarily be with them all day on Thursday. However, they will need you to transport them to activities. They will leave Friday morning for an evening performance in Denver.

Host responsibilities will include:

  1. Pick up your student(s) after the performance Wednesday night; probably around 9:30PM.
  2. Provide lodging Wednesday and Thursday night.
  3. Provide transportation on Thursday as needed.
  4. Provide meals Thursday breakfast, Thursday lunch, Thursday dinner, and Friday morning as needed. 
  5. Provide transport to departure point and bus on Friday morning, probably around 9 AM.

If you can host 1 or 2 students please contact Brian Harrington at brilorharrington@comcast.net or call his cell at 970-819-2799.