Help Serve Lunch to Downtown Denver's Homeless on February 1st, 2016

Please join other RMHUC members to help serve a hot meal to the homeless in downtown Denver.

Capitol Hill Community Services fulfills its mission — providing a reliable source of nutrition for the homeless that will help them get back on their feet — by serving hot lunches at different locations in central Denver throughout the week.  The meals are based on donated community food and are prepared by Capitol Hill's staff with the appreciation that this may be someone’s only meal of the day.  In addition to good, nutritious meals, Capitol Hill Community Services also serves dignity and respect to its clients.  With a greeting table, individual placements, and some music, it tries to make the meal something more than a soup kitchen experience.  Its hot lunches offer a temporary refuge from hard life on the streets and an opportunity to experience some kindness.

RMHUC has continued its volunteer efforts for almost four years at kitchens and shelters in downtown Denver.  This August marks a change in locations in the hopes that we can help a location with greater needs for volunteers; rather than Trinity Church at 18th and Broadway. we will be at 1373 Grant at First Baptist church. 8-10 of us will help to greet clients, serve their hot meals, and clean the dining room afterward.  This is a very direct and rewarding way of serving the community, while meeting and working alongside fellow club members.

Volunteers need to arrive at the church between 11:25 and 11:30 and will be finished no later than 12:50. We will gather for lunch or coffee at a nearby establishment if you are available.

Family members over the age of 10 are welcome to accompany you!  If you are signing up for more than yourself, please return to this page and fill out a separate reservation with the name of each person who will be coming.  E-mail and phone contact information is essential to communicate any late adjustments; the organization field is not required (notwithstanding the canned instructions in the sidebar).

If you have questions or would like to join a special email list for future RMHUC volunteer events with Capitol Hill Community Services, please contact JK Costello at or 402-659-4247.