Read this article if you are having difficulty signing in to

Signing in the first time (or if you have forgotten your username and/or password) can have its challenges. Here are some thoughts to help you get through the process.

The RMHUC Web site uses the Harvard Alumni Association's sign-in authentication mechanism.  You must have and know your HAA username and password in order to sign in to the RMHUC's site.

1.  If you regularly use the HAA's site  to access the global alumni directory, to manage a e-mail address, or to update your contact information, you will already know your HAA username and password.  In this case you click on the icon below and enter your information on the resulting screen.



2.  If you are an alum and have previously registered with the HAA's site, but you do not remember  your username and/or password then you should go to the HAA's login retrieval page to have your password reset and sent to your e-mail address on record.  If you have trouble with this, the HAA staffs a help desk M-F 9:00-5:00 (Eastern Time) at 800-823-2478 or 617-496-0559

3.  If you are an alum and have not previously registered  with the HAA's site, then you first register with the HAA's registration page.  At the completion of this process, you will be able to log in to the RMHUC site using the username and password you have chosen. (Our website uses the HAA's authentication mechanism for login.  HAA passwords are not stored on our site.)

4.  If you are not an alum,  you may register (and become an RMHUC member) if you are:

  • The spouse of a deceased alum
  • The parent of a Harvard College (undergraduate) student
  • A current or former member of the faculty of any School in the University
  • A current member of the Harvard Staff
  • A current student in any School in the University
  • A member of an advisory board to a Department of the University

To register as a non-alum, click on the icon below, go to the bottom of the page, click again on the "clicking here" link, and follow the ensuing directions.  (Note that in the above cases you are not able to nor will you be registered with the HAA.)  Your userid will be your e-mail address.  Once you have registered, please send a brief note to to introduce yourself. 




5.  If all else has failed,  send a note to with a phone number, and we will contact you to help sort things out.

Why register with the HAA:

  • Update Your Profile – Update your own HAA record.
  • Search Directory – Find classmates and fellow alumni worldwide.
  • Email Forwarding – Set up a permanent  email address.
  • Crimson Compass – Find career advisors, or sign up to advise students and alumni.
  • Discussion Groups – Join groups on a variety of topics, or start your own group.
  • Alumni Notes – Post a note inform fellow alumni of your activities and life events.
  • Get access to the RMHUC website to:
    • Register for Club events
    • Update your RMHUC profile
    • Access portions of the site that are now or may in the future be limited to signed-in users
    • Join the Club or renew your membership.  Club members are able to:
      • Search the Directory – Find other alums in Colorado and Wyoming via various search criteria
      • Post to discussion groups
      • Obtain tickets to member-only events
      • Obtain discounted tickets to open events
If you have suggestions how to make this article more understandable please let us know!  (We can't change the way the system works, but perhaps we can explain it better.)