Hike to Commemorate the 150 th Anniversary of the First Ascent
of Mt. Harvard 

In 1869, Harvard sponsored a group to explore and survey peak elevations in the Sawatch Range. Long-standing rumors had it that some summits were in excess of 18,000 feet. Most members of this party traveled West on the newly opened
First / Great Transcontinental (‘Pacific’) Railroad to Cheyenne, Wyoming, then went overland by stagecoach to Denver (which did not yet have rail service). The Harvard Geographic Expedition of 1869 to the Colorado Territory did find peaks
in excess of 14,000 feet, and named the two highest summits they encountered and ascended Mounts Harvard (for their sponsor) and Yale (for the alma mater of the two leaders of this expedition: Josiah Dwight Whitney (Yale, 1839) and William Henry Brewer (Yale, 1852).
Both of these men and others of the party were heavily involved in similar, contemporary surveying of California.) The group called these two the ‘College Peaks’. After subsequent naming of neighboring peaks Mounts Princeton (1873), Columbia (1916), and Oxford (1931), they became and remain known collectively as the Collegiate Peaks. All but Mount Princeton lie within the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area.
Description: A one-day hike (it is NOT a technical climb) to the summit of Mount Harvard from the North Cottonwood Trailhead (~14 miles round-trip, with 4540 feet of vertical climb) on the 150 th anniversary of the initial recorded ascent by William M. Davis
(Harvard, 1869) and Stephen P. Sharples – young members of the expedition noted above. Summit to be reached by about midday, with ample photo opportunities there and along the way.
Lodging at elevation a day or more before and after HIGHLY recommended, and to be arranged by participants - though some possible options will be suggested. For those interested, we will attempt to organize collective meals before and after the hike.
Start Date, Time, and 
Location: 19 August 2019; 05:30 (AM), North Cottonwood Trailhead (West of Buena Vista, Colorado)

End Date, Time, and Location: 19 August 2019; 17:00 (5:00 PM), North Cottonwood Trailhead 
Intended Participants: Hiking*: adults in good physical condition (those under 18
after consultation and approval). Others welcome to join without hiking.
Cost: $20 per hiking participant; tickets will go on sale in January 2019
*Note: all hiking participants must sign a consent / liability waiver form, which will be provided.