Harvard Business School Club of Colorado Presents "Building Trust" with Bob Whipple


High trust organizations are 2-4 times more profitable than low trust groups. What’s the real level of trust in your organization? High, spotty, awful? How about in your personal life with family and friends?


How can you build trust, especially if it’s been broken? Learn how to radically increase the trust level within your organization and your relationships from one of the world’s preeminent experts: “The Trust Ambassador,” Bob Whipple. 



Bob Whipple, https://www.leadergrow.com is:
- Known as “The Trust Ambassador”
- A Top 100 Leadership Speaker Worldwide by Inc. Magazine for the past three years 
- The author of four books on Trust and a contributing author to five others 
- The author of over 600 published articles https://thetrustambassador.com 
- A Lifetime Achievement Award winner from the Trust Across America 
Trust Around the World organization member