August All-Ivy+ Ft. Collins Happy Hour

1st Thursdays, 5:30-8 pm

These monthly events have a new venue as of February, 2013.

The Ivy League clubs invite you, your friends and family to socialize at the Ft. Collins happy hour at the acclaimed El Monte Grill and Lounge at 1611 South College Avenue (on the southwest corner of College and Prospect) starting at 5:30pm.  Their phone number is 970-372-1869.

This is an informal event for alumni of Ivy League, peer and regional institutions to mingle, network and enjoy each other’s company.  We’ll be gathered in the main restaurant / bar area near where the ivy pennants are displayed.

No RSVP is needed, so please feel free to drop in as you like to this ongoing event, which occurs the first Thursday of each month.  As always, your friends of all academic affiliations are most welcome to join.
This is an ongoing 1st Thursday event.

For questions, contact Scott Carman.